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Eco-friendly Elections in Kerala

Eco-friendly Elections in Kerala

As the country is in an election mood, several states in India are competing to spend money for their election campaign.

But, Kerala is the first state to conduct the elections in an eco-friendly manner.

The Central Election Commission directed to conduct the elections in an environment-friendly manner.

Based on this direction, all 14 districts in Kerala are preparing for eco-friendly elections.

The Haritha Keralam Mission and Suchitwa Mission of the state have issued guidelines to the authorities.

The Haritha Keralam Mission is a state-supported mission. This mission is mainly aimed at waste management, water resources management, organic farming etc.

The Suchitwa Mission provides technical and managerial support for waste management to the local self-government.

According to the ECI directive, all candidates of political parties should refrain from using single-use plastic material for their campaigns. They also should not use PVC flex boards.

Rather, they should opt for cloth banners and posters.

Candidates are asked to serve food in plantain leaves or steel plates and water in steel glasses or earthen pots.

In order to reduce the waste, political parties have been asked to make their flags out of recycled paper or cloth.

This is the first time Kerala is implementing a green protocol in the elections. For this, the state authorities are doing huge groundwork. They are educating the candidates using various tools.

In some districts of Kerala, pro-green rallies are organized and students took key roles in creating awareness among candidates by speaking with them.

And in some districts, as soon as the candidates file their nominations, the collector gives them a letter to be a green MP. The candidates receive a cloth bag and steel bottle instead of plastic bag and bottle.

Thus, Kerala is leading eco-friendly elections in the country.

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