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Drive-Through kiosks for coronavirus testing in India

Drive-Through kiosks for coronavirus testing in India

To ease testing for citizens suspecting coronavirus symptoms, drive-through kiosks have been established in some states in the country.

The first drive-through COVID-19 test site was initiated in West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. Now, a drive-through kiosk has been set up in Gurugram.

Kerala installed walk-in kiosks to collect samples for COVID-19 testing.

The drive-through sample collection centres conduct screening tests for suspected patients without any trouble.

The test takes just 10 to 20 minutes at these drive-through kiosks and results will be delivered by way of a message the next day. The test costs ₹4,500.

Dr Dang’s Labs established the drive-through kiosk in Delhi. Patient has to roll down his/her car window. They have to tilt their head back to collect the swab from throat or nose. All this process will take 20 minutes. After giving a sample, he/she can go away. The results will be sent on email and phone in a couple of days.

There are four stations to test, each will have a dedicated officer for the testing procedure. Appointments for the tests have to be done on the website by filling information of the patient. Besides, a doctor’s prescription along with government ID like Aadhaar card number or passport number is mandatory.

The drive-through kiosk facility in Gurugram has been established at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in association with the Healthians testing group.

To get this screening test, the suspected person should have a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. The person should apply online by filling the details.

The person can reach the spot in Gurugram on his own in a car or can be accompanied by another person. The test involves the collection of the swab from the nose or throat which takes about 1-2 minutes. The report will be delivered online immediately.

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