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Corruption declines in India

Corruption declines in India

Corruption in India declined. The data released by Transparency International revealed that there is an improvement in the corruption index from the last year.

India stood at 78th position in a list of 180 countries moving three places up in the index from the last year.

Yet, the India Corruption Survey 2019 shows that 51% of Indians were involved in corruption. In other words, one in two Indians paid a bribe and thus were involved in corruption.

The bribes were mainly demanded by certain departments including the police, transport, municipality etc.

As per the survey report, the corruption rate has fallen by 10% in 2019. Around 1.9 lakh people participated in the survey.

Both LocalCircles and Transparency International India jointly conducted the survey.

The percentage of Indians who paid bribes this year was 51% compared to 56% last year.

But, compared to the last two years, the percentage of bribery payments increased.

For instance, in 2017, nearly 45% of Indian citizens paid bribes which is lower than the current 51%.

The rate of bribery payment is more in states like Bihar, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

In states like Gujarat, Goa, Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Kerala, and Odisha, the payment of bribes is lower.

Compared to private offices, the payment of bribes is more in government offices. The payment of bribery is in various modes. While 35% of such transactions were made in cash, 6% were done in favors.

37% of people said that they did not pay any bribe for their work. In fact, they did not see the need of bribery to get their work done.
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