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Cities that pay highest salaries in India

Cities that pay highest salaries in India

Do you know which Indian city is paying the highest salaries to the employees? And which jobs do you think are being paid the highest remuneration?

LinkedIn has conducted a salary study in the country based on the data on its platform.

The study says that Bengaluru pays the highest salaries followed by Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. Hyderabad is in the fourth place followed by Chennai.

The average pay in Bengaluru is ₹12 lakh. It is ₹9 lakh in Mumbai, ₹8.9 lakh in Delhi-NCR, ₹8.5 lakh in Hyderabad and ₹6.3 lakh in Chennai.

Health care and finance stood in the fourth and fifth categories.

The weighted average pay in the first three fields is ₹15 lakh, ₹12 lakh and ₹9 lakh respectively.

The highest paying hardware jobs are not traditional jobs, but those related with new-age networking and chip design.

In the networking category, demand for innovation and skills is increasing. Jobs that handle the challenges on security and complexity are also increasing.

New digital technologies, machine learning and AI are the leading jobs in the software category. Bilingual programmers are also earning handsomely.

Though opportunities in the consumer goods is good, many companies are hiring from top-tier B-schools.

Director of engineering, chief operating officer, executive director, vice president sales, and senior program manager are some of the highest paying titles in the country.

A salary insight tool had been launched by LinkedIn on its platform. It has over 50 million users i.e. the second highest in the world. The first being the US.

Using this tool, LinkedIn has been collecting data for the last two months. However, the insights will be better with data provision by more users.

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