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2000 year old trading site between Indians and Romans

2000 year old trading site between Indians and Romans

Have you heard of Arikamedu, the only city with an archaeological record of Roman Empire? Visiting this small town will give you glimpse of Roman culture. This is an archaeological site in Kakkayanthope, Puducherry and it will let you experience Rome in India.

2000 years ago, it was chola port which was dedicated to bead making. It was also found to have been trading with Romans. It was believed to be the only town which had ties with Rome.

The city is located along the beautiful river of Ariyankuppam. It is believed to be the only city which has an archaeological record of having ties with Romans. Arikamedu has started out as a fishing village, but it soon became a unique bead making site. The city manufactured beads made out of both stone and glass.

Various textiles, beads, terracotta artifacts and gold and semi-precious jewellery were exported to Greco Roman ports and other countries in the East from Arikamedu.

‘‘The archaeological site where the ruins of the ancient city Arikamedu exist is fast disappearing. This is the only surviving site in south India which has a rare cultural continuity from 300 BC to 1800 AD,’’ says Suresh Pillai, an interdisciplinary artist and film maker.

Image Credit:- Jayaseerlourdhuraj / CC BY-SA

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Arikamedu,_Early_Historic_Site_03.jpg

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