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Women Entrepreneurs’ Cell to be launched

Women Entrepreneurs’ Cell to be launched

India is witnessing a significant increase in women entrepreneurs in recent days. Several women are interested in establishing their own business as they find it more convenient than working anywhere.

In order to provide essential support for this, and to provide initiatives for women, NITI Aayog wants to launch a specially designated cell for them. The Women entrepreneurs’ cell is expected to be an ideal platform for them.

Women entrepreneurs in the country are bringing a vital change in terms of development in both public and private sectors.

At present, over two dozen Indian women entrepreneurs are in the US on a business trip. This is the result of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad.

The GES was a crucial event which resulted in this idea.

Ivanka Trump, the advisor and daughter of US President Donald Trump also attended this summit.

She insisted that creating awareness and bringing prominence to existing initiatives are essential to boost women entrepreneurs in the country.

In addition to that, all the departments should jointly work to facilitate connection and association of partners so that it can be leveraged from all these efforts.

Considering the suggestions of Ivanka, women cell is to be launched to boost the support to women entrepreneurs in the country.

Since, it is dedicated to women entrepreneurs, it focuses on all the aspects to promote them and to solve their problems.

The role of women in India has been increasing. Especially, they have a prominent economic, social and political role these days.

And if they are given enough support to improve their entrepreneurship, they can do more than what men do, expects NITI Aayog.

There are structural and transformation reforms also being taken place in the country at present.

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