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PUBG Mobile to return to India with some changes

PUBG to return to India with some changes

PUBG Mobile, the popular mobile game in India was banned months ago under the name of national security. It is one of the most popular games in India and as such many players were disappointed with this decision. However, good news might just be around the corner for these players.

PUBG is getting a special Indian version officially. This means that the game will feature local customization including having characters start fully clothed.

The game will also be set in a virtual training ground environment and have green colour hit effects to make it clear to people that it is, in fact, a video game and not real life.

PUBG’s parent company is Krafton Inc, a South Korean company. However, the mobile version of it is franchised to Tencent Games, a Chinese company. To get rid of the ban in India, PUBG will no longer be authorizing the mobile game to Tencent for India.

Now there will be a different Indian subsidiary. There will be over 100 new employees in this to specialize in business, esports, and game development.

Furthermore, it was announced that they would collaborate with local businesses as well. The company aims to improve the esports industry as well. They also promised safety and privacy to Indians and said that there is nothing to worry about these issues.

PUBG stated that they would conduct regular audits and verifications where the data of Indian players is stored.

They are going to reinforce security further to make the data safe. Furthermore, they will be imposing restrictions on game time to fight addiction among younger players.

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