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India launches A-SAT Missile

India launches A-SAT Missile

Yesterday, India successfully tested an anti-satellite missile (A-SAT Missile) by shooting down a low-orbit satellite at a height of 300km from the earth. In other words, India shot down a live satellite with this missile. The entire operation just took 3 minutes.

This is a major accomplishment of the country. So far, only three countries have that capability, the US, Russia and China.

India became the fourth country to have the capability. After the successful completion of the operation of ‘Mission Shakti’, the country has established itself as a global space power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation after the operation and said that the A-SAT missile would give new strength to India’s space sector.

He added that India has adequate satellites to contribute to several segments like agriculture, weather, communication, disaster management, navigation etc.

Mission Shakti is a vital step to improve the country’s security and economic as well as technological growth.

Modi appreciated the scientists saying that the entire effort is indigenous and hence it is very special for the country.

Another thing is that India is the fourth country to have such a modern capability. Mission Shakti was highly complex due to the involvement of high speed and amazing precision. It showed the skills of India’s great scientists.

In this context, PM assured that India won’t use this missile against anyone. This is just an initiative of defence for the security of the country.

The test won’t breach any international law or treaties, he adds.

Rahul Gandhi applauded the scientists of DRDO in his tweet while sarcastically wished the PM a very happy World Theatre Day.

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