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Green Crackers confusion explodes this Diwali

Green Crackers confusion explodes this Diwali

While Diwali is approaching, several children are eagerly waiting to burst the crackers. At the same time, the environment-conscious parents are trying to choose green crackers for their children.

There is confusion on the norms related to green crackers in Sivakasi. This led to a production loss of around ₹1,000 crores.

Out of 1,070 firework units in the area, only six have the green cracker license.

Yet, all of them claim to be making green crackers.

The Supreme Court prescribed specific norms to manufacture green crackers.

Yet, the final verdict has not been given on this matter. Hence, none of the crackers manufactured at Sivakasi will have the label of green crackers even though they claim to be manufactured as per the green norms.

Hence, customers are not able to differentiate green crackers from normal ones. The manufacturing units claim that all crackers are green as they are made as per the norms of the Supreme Court.

But, majority of the customers do not believe their words saying that these sellers print ₹1,000 on the packets and sell at ₹250.

They question how they can trust the words without the label on the packet.

The court pronounced the interim order on Diwali crackers.

Last year, just days before Diwali, the court declined to issue a blanket ban on sale and bursting of fireworks.

However, the court allowed the bursting of crackers for limited hours. Only the manufacture and sale of green crackers with low emissions are allowed by the court.

As per the recommendations of CSIR and NEERI, green crackers should have barcodes or QR codes on all fireworks.

These codes separate green crackers from the normal ones. Their emission and decibel levels are also 30 per cent lower than the traditional crackers.

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