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Government allows airlines to serve meals on flights

Government allows airlines to serve meals on flights

It seems that there is no end of the transmission of the novel coronavirus anytime soon. People have to live carefully by taking adequate precautions. In this context, slowly, the activities in the country are resuming.

The government yesterday issued a new SOP for the airlines allowing them to serve meals onboard adhering to the stipulated guidelines and maintaining proper hygiene.

As per new standard operating procedure, all domestic and international flights can serve snacks, meals and beverages to their passengers.

The meals should be served hot based on the duration of the flight.

The cabin crew will have to wear gloves while serving and they have to wear a fresh set of gloves for every serving of meals or beverages.

Besides, disposable cutlery and plates have to be used. They will not be reused. Tea, coffee and other beverages have to be served in disposable glasses and bottles.

Rotables should thoroughly be disinfected before reuse. Airlines must clean and sanitize all touchpoints after every flight.

The government restricted the meal and beverage service and in-flight entertainment since the resumption of flights after the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. But, now the government allowed these services.

The government also approved in-flight entertainment on both domestic and international flights. But, the airlines have to make sure that they give disposable earphones to passengers. Or they have to provide clean and disinfected earphones. Movie screens shall be thoroughly cleaned.

The government also allowed international flights to serve water bottles, packed food and cold non-alcoholic beverages to passengers.

When the flights resumed, several people were worried that flight services may increase the transmission of the virus. However, planes have proved to be the safest mode of travel with the utmost care and precautions for the past three months.

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