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Free surgeries in private hospitals

Free surgeries in private hospitals

Good news to Delhites. They can undergo specific surgeries free of cost.

AAP government has tied with 41 private hospitals in Delhi to allow 30 kinds of surgeries without any charge. The list includes major surgery like heart bypass as well.

Those who require these surgeries can utilize the opportunity. They need not pay any money to these private hospitals.

The hospitals that are tied with government will be reimbursed by the government at the rates of Central Government Health Scheme.

The treatment covers pre-surgery consultation, surgery, medicines, accommodation at hospital and food, and follow-ups for a month after discharge.

However, those who want to utilize the facility should have to be referred by government hospitals that they need these surgeries. In other words, those who visit government hospitals and are not able to be treated by them either due to lack of facilities at government hospitals or due to delay in surgery can undergo these surgeries at private hospitals. The waiting time to use this facility ranges from three months to two years.

Here is a list of 30 surgeries that are performed under the scheme.

·         Laparoscopic removal of appendix.

·         Laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove gall bladder.

Kidney stone removal

·        Thyroid surgery to treat nodules and thyroid cancer.

·         Thyroidectomy to remove the thyroid gland partially or total.

Haemorrhoidectomy to remove haemorrhoids,

Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy

Fissurectomy to repair a tear in the lining of the anus

Haemorrhoidectomy + Fissurectomy

Both Fistula High End and Low End

Cataract removal surgery

Breast Lumpectomy to eliminate cancerous lumps from the breast


Surgery to remove tonsils and eardrums

Nasal Polyps/Sinusitis – unilateral and bilateral


CABG – heart bypass

PCNL – unilateral and bilateral



Myringotomy and Cortical Mastoidectomy with Myringoplasty

Surgery to drain pus near the tonsils

Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty/Conchaplasty

Excision of Pilonidal Sinus With Flap Cover and Primary Closure

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