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Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale-Success or Disappointment?

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale – Success or Disappointment?

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale has been a huge success for the website. The big billion day is a sale by Flipkart in which the website aims to do a business of more than 1 billion in one day. The orders were placed so fast that the sale has come to end within 7 hours. The sale which began at 8 am on 6th October has resulted in more than 3,00,000 orders in the first six hours. This is the maximum limit of orders that can be processed by the large logistics team of Flipkart. More orders than this would result in lack of processing for the website. In order to avoid late deliveries, the sale has been stopped after this. However this move has resulted in many people dissatisfied.

The sale resulted in orders being placed so fast that many people could not get the products they wanted. Many people bought products that they did not really need due to them being available at very low prices. However, there were many complaints by people that they could not find the products on sale as they were sold out very fast. Around 2 pm yesterday, many third party vendors have put their products as out of stock. After this point, only few deals were available but the sale is basically over for most products. There were also complaints about the servers crashing, orders disappearing from shopping carts, and products going out of stock as soon the deal began. Flipkart is planning to do another week of sale from October 10th to October 16th.

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