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Fix price limit on airline tickets: Parliamentary panel

Fix price limit on airline tickets: Parliamentary panel

In order to improve the satisfaction of customers, government should set price limit on airline tickets, suggests Parliamentary Standing Committee.

The Committee suggested to the government yesterday to fix limits not just for airline tickets but also for cancellation charges.

A report was tabled on January 4 which states that the price mechanisms that are applicable in developed countries may not fit the needs of Indians.

It seems that airlines have no interest in passing the benefit of reduction in the prices of aviation turbine fuel to their customers; they had not passed these benefits to them even after a 50 per cent fall in oil prices.

The Committee noted that airlines are exploiting their customers by hiking over 10 times the normal price during festival seasons and also for booking made closer to the date of travel.

It says that this is arbitrary and airline carriers are taking advantage of the deregulatory environment. Concerns have also been raised by the Committee on rude behavior of airline staff.

In reply to the suggestions and concerns of the Committee, Jayant Sinha, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation said that airlines are running as per global practices and standards.

He added that government will look into the matter and investigate on the pricing mechanism of airlines.

The Minister also said that the prices of airlines in India are the least in the world and nowhere across the globe, people can get tickets for such cheap rates.

The behavior of airline staff is being worked on and rude manner will be taken seriously.

Regarding cancellation charges, the minister cleared that it should not be more than the base fare and surcharge fare.

In addition to that, the issues raised by Parliamentary Standing Committee will be looked into, says Ashok Gajapathi Raju, the Union Minister for Civil Aviation.

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