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Firecrackers banned in Delhi

Firecrackers banned in Delhi

Diwali is coming up, and people all around the country are preparing to celebrate. However, the Indian Supreme Court has just made a decision that will drastically alter the celebrations for many people in the Delhi National Capital Region.

On Monday, the Supreme Court reimposed a ban on the sale of firecrackers in the Delhi NCR.

This ban was imposed over concerns of over-pollution of the area caused by the smoke and chemicals released into the air by the exploding firecrackers.

The Supreme Court hopes to reduce the pollution of the area with this firecracker ban.

The Supreme Court passed last year’s order following Diwali, after it was reported that the city was “smogged” into emergency-level environmental conditions. This ban was in place up until September 12th, when the government decided to allow the limited sale of firecrackers.

However, they still banned the import of firecrackers from other states. Their September order stated that a more graded approach should be taken to solving the pollution problem, but on Monday, they noted the many factors contributing to this problem and decided that the impact of firecracker bursting must be ascertained. Therefore, the firecracker ban is now once again in place.

The ban does not prohibit people from actually bursting firecrackers, so those who still have firecrackers from before will be able to use them. However, the ban on firecracker sales will certainly result in a drastic reduction of the number of firecrackers used during Diwali.

It is unconfirmed whether or not the firecracker smoke and chemicals have any major effect on the deteriorating quality of the city’s air, but with this ban, the court intends to find out.

In general, the ban on firecracker sales and the reduction of firecracker usage will hopefully be a significant step in solving the pollution problem in the nation’s capital.

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