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Empowering power centres

Empowering power centres

Power shortage is a major minus point in a country that is trying to shine, rather than flicker. But some new schemes are expected to “let there be light,” or at least some of it, soon.

Hence, India is gearing up to spend Rs 25,300 crore, or $4.1 billion to beat the rampant theft of electricity. It will upgrade metering in cities and improve old distribution networks, expecting to reduce the theft of electricity as well as transmission losses. The hope is that there will be uninterrupted power to the whole country.

So far, poor policing and anitiquated transmission lines have caused almost 40 per cent of electricity stolen, or unpaid for. According to the new scheme, the government will roll our meters on distribution transformers, feeders and consumers in urban areas, according to the power ministry. The government is also expected to strengthen sub-transmission and distribution networks.

These projects will help to reduce technical and commercial losses and improve the efficiency in collection. Costing Rs 32,600 totally, it is expected that Rs 25,300 crore will be contributed by the government.

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