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Dissonance in Dussehra celebrations at Amritsar

Dissonance in Dussehra celebrations at Amritsar

Indians were celebrating Dussehra with great joy. While the total country was in joyous mood, the festival celebrations turned miserable due to a train mishap in Amritsar.

Yesterday evening, Ravan’s effigy was burning and around 700 people were watching with joy at Amritsar.

They were standing alongside of the railway tracks. Crackers were exploding by the people with joy.

At that time, a train was approaching them and they could not hear the train sound.

As a result, the train ran over into several people.

A minimum of 50 people were feared dead in this train mishap.

The mishap occurred near the Joda Phatak in Choura Bazar area of Amritsar.

As per the reports, DMU train 74943 was coming from Jalandhar to Amritsar. It ran over the people who were standing near the tracks and watching the Dussehra celebrations.

The people who were hit apparently could not hear the train sound due to exploding of crackers.

The Police evacuated the people and took the injured people to the hospital.

According to the eyewitnesses, no alarm was given by the engine driver when the train was approaching them as the people were not in a position to watch it.

They are blaming the administration of the Railways.

There were around 700 people in the accident spot. Several people are feared death in the accident.

And more than 50 people including children were killed in this train mishap.

As per the officials, the death toll may rise further.

An ex-gratia of ₹5 lakh has been announced by the Punjab Chief Minister to the relatives of the deceased.

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