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DGCA issues fresh guidelines on facemasks

DGCA issues fresh guidelines on facemasks

In the wake of rising COVID-19 cases across the country, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued new guidelines for air travellers.

As per the revised guidelines, wearing a facemask is mandatory at the airport and inside the flight. Those who do not wear facemasks will be fined. If anyone refuses to wear a facemask would be deboarded ahead of take-off of the flight.

In addition to that, these passengers will be fined and handed over to CISF personnel at airports. Removal of facemask will be allowed only under exceptional situations.

The DGCA directed airlines to make sure that all passengers are wearing masks throughout their journey. If passengers are found without masks before departure, they will be deboarded from the flight.

Passengers should wear facemasks throughout their journey. If they are found without a mask during their journey, they will be given warnings. If they do not follow them even after repeated warnings, they will be treated as ‘unruly passengers’.

Their names will be placed on the no-fly list as per the norms of the Delhi High Court. The court earlier called for stringent measures against the violators of COVID-19 protocols to control the increasing COVID-19 cases in the country.

The latest guidelines directed airport operators to levy fines on violators of COVID-19 protocols as per the respective state law. They should seek the help of local police and security personnel in this regard if needed.

All airlines should alert their passengers on the precautionary measures through various methods like displaying them at airports, on websites, call centres etc.

They should also make regular announcements to make sure that all passengers follow COVID-19 protocols like wearing a facemask, using hand sanitisers etc., during their journey.

The DGCA directed all airlines to make arrangements for additional face masks to provide to passengers if needed.

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