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Center to oppose Vehicle Ban

Center to oppose Vehicle Ban

The center is all set to oppose the ban on 10 year old vehicles by using the findings of a recent set of air pollution studies and analysis done by IIT Delhi. Using these findings the center is set to put a strong case against the ban when it stands before the National Green Tribunal on Monday.

According to the findings banning such vehicles will only result in 1 percent reduction in the atmospheric PM2.5 pollution.

The findings from these studies have reiterated earlier studies about how the transport sector contributes to 18 – 20 percent of total air pollution in Delhi.

The PM2.5 is found to have potential health effects which lead to cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and respiratory infections. The air samples have been collected from Mathura Road in 2014 where the traffic flow is about 1.7 lakh vehicles per day and form a substantial share of commercial traffic. It found that vehicles contribute about 18.7% and 16.2% PM2.5 pollution in summer and winter respectively. It said PM2.5 sources other than transport are also significant.

According to the report which consists of comparison of PM2.5 pollution on Sundays and weekdays, the PM2.5 pollution is 6-7% lower than on Sundays than weekdays during morning hours.

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