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Top 9 Strategies to Win Online Teen Patti

Top 9 Strategies to Win Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti has been a popular game in India for years, which is why several online casinos have adapted its table to attract more players. Recently we have seen a trend that it is not just popular with Indian players but also internationally. With so many players competing to win cash, here are a few strategies that will help you win the same.

1. Play with Free Chips:

Teen Patti gives lots of free chips to its players who are beginners as well as experienced. You can use these free chips to try out the game and practice for the actual game you will play with money. Not just beginners, but experienced players also need to practice, which will improve their winning chances.

2. Start with Small Bets:

Do not get too excited that you start with large bets initially. It is not wise to show too much confidence on beginner’s luck. You will get to play many hands in a single session of Teen Patti; hence it is better to make small bets to spread your losses. This will also give you many chances to win.

Instead of making a big bet initially, take your time to get good cards that will improve your winning chances. Another reason you should do this is if you make large bets initially, players who have weak cards will fold early. So, you will make a small amount of money from the pot.

2. Don’t Be too Expressive:

This game is all about keeping a straight face, even if you have the winning cards. Never be the first one to place bets if you have good cards and never fold immediately if you have bad cards. This will make it easy for others to understand your playing style, and their chances of winning will increase. If you get good cards, take it slow and increase, your bets gradually.

3. Don’t Play Emotionally:

When you play Teen Patti, it is essential to not make emotional decisions because it may end up costing you a lot of money. Instead, make rational decisions that work in your favour.

4. Don’t be Scared to Lose:

You do not have to win every round as it is common to lose a few rounds. A professional player knows that the golden rule to make money is win more number of times than you lose.

5. Be Alert:

This goes without saying that as it is beneficial to predict the other players’ cards, better observe the patterns and expressions of your opponents. If you are able to read their expressions then you have already won half of the game. Remember to keep your expressions neutral when you play as best players are difficult to read.

5. Practice Makes Perfect:

The greater number of games you play, you will become an experienced player and will understand the game tactics better, hence practice as much as you can before you get into real money Teen Patti.

6. Do Not Play for Real Money till You Understand the Game:

Teen Patti is a game that you need to take seriously as you can win a large sum of money and lose it as well. It is best that before you start playing with your hard-earned money, know all the rules and understand how the game is played along with learning a few tricks.

7. Set Your Limits Before You Play:

Even before you get into playing, decide a limit you are comfortable to lose. Do not go in with an attitude that you will decide as you proceed. There should be a loss limit set where you hard shut the game. Reputable online casinos have responsible gambling feature that lets you set such limits. Play in secure casinos that offer Teen Patti table. A great source of information about Teen Patti is They give thorough reviews about sites that offer real money Teen Patti.

8. Play Blind:

Several times playing blind can work in your favour, especially when you have made small bets. As you raise the stakes, other new players can get emotional and this will give you an opportunity to read them. This strategy will make new players fold quickly.

9. Pack Wisely:

Do not be overconfident in the game. You need to win money but also protect your money from losing, hence learn to pack at the right time. When you see your chances of winning are small, it is better to pack and wait for the next round to avoid any loss.

The Bottom Line- Keep Trying:

It is good to set a loss limit but do not get disheartened if you are unable to win. If you are interested to play Teen Patti, then try to play more with bonus points and chips until you get good cards increasing your probability to win.

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