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Taj Mahal to Shut Down Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Taj Mahal to Shut Down Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The sheer scale of how many areas have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak is massive. From countries closing their borders entirely to entertainment events and more being cancelled or postponed. Another location that has been closed for the time being is India’s Taj Mahal – perhaps the biggest symbol of the country and a huge tourist destination.

The number of COVID-19 cases in India has slowly been on the increase as well, with Uttarakhand also reporting its first case of the disease this past Sunday. Fresh cases also emerged in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Of these cases, India has also reported two deaths, one of those being in Delhi and the other in Karnataka. Additionally, a fourth batch of evacuees from Iran have also landed back in India. This group of evacuees consisted of 53 Indians, 52 of whom were students and the last a teacher.

It was just a few days ago though, that the government in India took the decision to close all ASI-protected monuments and central museums across the country. This closure will remain in effect until March 31 and has the potential to expand beyond that time, depending upon the status of COVID-19. With all foreign visas also having been put on hold until April 15, this is just another country that may undoubtedly suffer due to the threat of coronavirus.

Time Out for India

Not unlike many other nations, citizens of India have been advised to remain indoors so as to stop the spread of coronavirus throughout the country. Of course, this seems like quite a good thing for a couple of days or so, but what happens when the boredom sets in? Well, there are several suggestions that can be made, with one of them being to participate in online sports betting. Some events are still taking place around the world, so why not check out the 22Bet review and ratings from the Nostrabet site? Doing so will allow you to find out exactly what that sportsbook provides to its members.

In other news relating to India and the COVID-19 outbreak, the rupee has taken quite the pummelling, falling quite considerably against the US dollar. Many have taken to selling their foreign currencies and investing in the much more stable dollar as an alternative, and this has seen a vast number of other currencies bet hit quite considerably.

So, the real story behind this is that if you were intending to visit the Taj Mahal or any of India’s other spectacular monuments, it would be best to avoid such. Not only have they been specifically closed recently, but prior to that time, they were also quite deserted anyway. The looming threat of coronavirus had all but cleared them out of tourists. Of course, there’s little doubt that India will be hoping for a return to these monuments in the future, once the disease has been dulled down and extinguished. Time will tell how things will proceed with this.

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