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A Homeowner’s Guide to Modern Design

A Homeowner's Guide to Modern Design

Modernizing your home is an important thing to do if you want to have a cozier and more comfortable feel inside your house. Aside from aesthetics, you also get to increase your property’s value while enjoying the improved ambiance around.

Here are 4 easy ways to give your home a modern, updated look.

Fixtures, Furniture, And Appliances Should Be Upgraded

Gold or brass hardware and fittings can be seen in many older homes. You’ll be surprised at how much difference such minor details can make!

There are countless finishes and designs to choose from to give your home a new look. The best part is that this is a simple weekend project that you can complete on your own. Professionals aren’t required! You can get high-quality molded furniture at FOW Mould.

Getting new appliances, on the other hand, is a bit more time-consuming and, of course, more costly.

Ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers are all available in a variety of models with varying features and prices. Depending on your budget and priorities, this process may need to be completed over a longer period of time.

Walls, Floors, And Countertops Should All Be Repainted

Although wallpaper is making an amazing comeback, vintage patterns and styles can really age a home interior. Faded color can also contribute to an outdated look.

To clean the walls and apply a fresh, vibrant coat of paint. Adding an accent wall can add a fun pop of color and add visual interest to an otherwise lackluster space.

Installing new flooring is another project that’s a bit higher on the cost scale, but replacing old carpeting with nice hardwood, laminate, or tile will have an amazing effect. If you search hard, you can usually find a great option on sale or discounted at a local flooring supplier.

If you already have hardwood floors, stripping and finishing can breathe new life into your floors for a fresh, modern look. Updating and maintaining the floors is also a big selling point if you decide to move later.

The new countertops are also a great selling point for potential homebuyers. However, be aware that this home upgrade can be very expensive.

Some affordable options can be laminate, concrete or artificial stone. Even granite is becoming more affordable than it ever was.

The best advice we can give homeowners who are considering installing new kitchen countertops is to take a close look at your existing cabinetry as well. Their cabinets also need to be replaced.

The process of removing and replacing old cabinets would involve removing and replacing newer countertops.

It’s best to replace these two parts at the same time so you don’t waste money. Replace countertops twice. This is another reason why that particular project usually turns into a bigger and more expensive task!

You can even refinish your current microfinish ball valve if you’re truly trying to save money. There are a plethora of products on the market that can give you the best ball valve in a fraction of the price at SIO.

DIY concrete countertops are also becoming increasingly popular. Keep in mind, however, that where expenses are decreased, quality is typically sacrificed.

These goods may be good in the near term, but they usually break down quickly and need to be refinished or replaced.

Also, if you’re not certain you’ll be able to complete these projects effectively, it’s advisable to contact a professional and get the job done appropriately. It may be more expensive upfront, but it will pay off in the long run.

One good way to do all these is by hiring a reputable molding company such as Seaskymedical if you’re planning to get quality molded furniture products.

You might also want to experiment with new pipings by getting a new set of microfinish ball valve to further increase the value of your home.

Create A Flowing Layout With A Consistent Color Scheme

Another great way to update an outdated home is to create a consistent, flowing color scheme throughout.

Create A Flowing Layout With A Consistent Color Scheme

Cool, neutral walls are a great palette for pops of color and accents in your interior design. It’s a good idea to wear the same color family throughout the home to create a sense of unity and balance.

Neutral paint colors also make things easier if you tend to change up your decor frequently, as they look great with a variety of accent colors.

Even if you can’t afford to tear down walls to open up a space, there are ways to make a floor plan appear more open.

You should group your furniture in a way that offers an airy look and an easy transition from room to room. Leave as much open space as possible along hallways and doorways, and avoid bulky furniture that distracts from the overall space.

Improve The Lighting In Your Home

Updating your lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to modernizing your house.

But trust us when we say that it will make a significant difference! In many older homes, the kitchen has a single rectangular fluorescent light and the bedrooms and living areas have fan-light kits.

While these fixtures have no flaws, they do not give uniformly dispersed light and tend to generate a dark atmosphere. Installing strategically positioned LED lights will drastically transform the interior of your home and give it completely modern air.


Modernizing your home is an important thing to do.

This increases the value of your home, creates a cozier and more inviting environment for everyone where you can live more comfortably and happily with your family. Take heed of our tips and you’ll be living in your dream home soon.

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