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7 Misconceptions About Bike Insurance You Need to Know

7 Misconceptions About Bike Insurance You Need to Know

In our country, a majority of the population uses two-wheelers for commuting. The ease of traveling makes it an essential mode of transport but has its own share of worries. There are chances of accidents taking place. And to counter this problem, it is a legal mandate in India to have two-wheeler insurance.

To make the buying process easier, insurance providers offer bike insurance online. Although there are a few misconceptions that are associated with bike insurance. Let’s debunk these myths:

  • Buying Bike Insurance is a Complex Process

It is a wrong perception that buying bike insurance is a time taking and complicated process. However, it is not the case anymore. Now, purchase two-wheeler insurance is a simple procedure. Moreover, if you want to purchase a policy, it is better to opt for bike insurance online from the comfort of your home. You require going online and researching different

insurers and plans. After that, visit the chosen insurer’s website, provide the required details, and choose the most suitable plan.

  • Ample Third-Party Liability Cover

Like previously mentioned, the third-party cover is a legal mandate in India. But, only this cover is insufficient. You should know that a third-party liability cover would protect only the third-party. Thus, it will be beneficial to opt for comprehensive bike insurance online. It will protect the third-party as well as your bike from uncertain fiscal charges.

  • Lack of Assistance

Those days have vanished when there was no assistance in purchasing a bike insurance policy. Today insurers have reliable 24x 7 customer support available to answer all your queries regarding your insurance policy.

If you face any trouble while buying bike insurance online, you can contact the customer service, and recieve help through the procedure.

  • Bike Insurance Provides Cover for Personal as well as Commercial Use

It is a well-known misconception. You should understand that a bike insurance plan offers coverage for the personal use of the two-wheeler. Otherwise, if you use a bike for commercial reasons, then the same is not included in your insurance plan and will not get any cover.

  • Buying Bike Insurance Online is not Secure

There is a notion that opting for bike insurance online is not secure and that your personal information will be at risk. Instead, with bike insurance online, the data is extremely safe and not disclosed to anyone maintaining confidentiality. Mostly all insurance providers ensure maximum protection against any fraudulent activities.

  • Bike Insurance is Expensive

The idea that buying bike insurance is exorbitant is untrue. Purchasing the ideal insurance policy is vital, and for doing so, it is beneficial to compare and analyze the plans. This comparison should be on the basis of the coverage offered by the various insurers. Although it is good to save money, it is better to understand the whole picture.

  • Provides Coverage against all Damages

Bike insurance does protect you from unforeseen mishaps and provides coverage for the same. However, it is not applicable in all circumstances. If the damage occurs under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse, the insurer could nullify the coverage claim. Hence, it is smart and advantageous to read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. And also understand the inclusions and exclusions of the chosen bike insurance plan. With these popular misconceptions cleared, you might get idea of riding enhancing & two-wheeler insurance, which will benefit you in becoming a responsible driver. Purchase bike insurance online easily. To ensure proper understanding and convenience, opt for reliable insurance companies like Tata AIG. They have no hidden conditions and have a transparent process that is quick and easy to comprehend

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