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Water, water every time

Water, water every time

Water may be boring.

Yet, even if this tasteless, odorless liquid is not good news for your tongue, it makes you gain a healthy, happy body.

Actually, your body is throwing out quantities of water all the time, through skin evaporation, breathing, urine and stools.

During warm climates, in higher altitudes or in older adults, you are still losing water.


Does that mean that your body hates water?

No. It just means that it is using water like a draining medium to throw out waste.

What are the benefits of water?

Firstly, it helps you to maintain your balance of body fluids. As your body is composed of 60% water, ingesting more of the liquid helps your digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.
Secondly, it helps you to count calories. It isn’t really a weight loss strategy, but substituting it for high-calorie beverages could help you. If you imbibe water-rich foods that are healthier and more filling, it helps you to trim calorie intake. Ingesting water-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, soups, oatmeal, and beans can help you lose the flab.
Thirdly, it will energize your muscles. Cells that cannot maintain the balance of fluids and electrolytes will shrink and collapse out of muscle exhaustion. It will affect your work as well as performance. So drink huge volumes of water when you exercise about two hours before exercise and at regular intervals.
Fourthly, your skin, a protective sheet to keep the fluid inside your body, needs plenty of water to look soft and supple. But do not drink too much in order to erase wrinkles. Water is not an anti-wrinkle cream, but just helps to keep the skin hydrated.
Fifthly, your kidneys need to do what they know best—flush out the excess toxins in your body, and cells. If your body is well hydrated, urine is free-flowing, light and odorless. If not, the urine is concentrated, and dark in colour as well as odour. Drinking too little water would make you collect kidney stones in your body.
Sixthly, enough water would keep your gastrointestinal tract flowing, preventing constipation. Otherwise, the colon would pull out the water from the stools to maintain hydration.

You see how beneficial, even if boring water is?

Image from Pxfuel (Free for commercial use / CC0 Public Domain)

Image Reference: https://www.pxfuel.com/en/free-photo-jrppt

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