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The horse gram is a dark horse

The horse gram is a dark horse

Not many people know about the humble horse gram. It looks modest, but packs power in its kicks on diseases.

Horse gram or ‘kulath’ as it is known in north India, has many health benefits. Its plant shows antioxidant, astringent and diuretic action. It is a powerful source of healing for hemorrhoids, diarrhea and hemorrhage. It is also useful for patients of bleeding during pregnancy, leucorrhea and menstrual disorders.

It heals patients of spleen enlargement, colic and weak liver. Those who have kidney stones, hypertension and gall stones also benefit.

Being rich in B-complex vitamins and protein, the horse gram is delicious as well as nutritious. Thus, it is a favorite food of a number of people of different ages.

In India, horse gram is a favourite for ayurvedic medicines to treat tough conditions such as difficult breathing, cough, gastric problems, ulcers, worm infections and excessive perspiration. Some alternative medicinal experts would look at it as a good controlling factor for joints pain. It will also help as a natural health tonic.

However horse gram is not considered complete for patients of tuberculosis, nor will it suffice pregnant women’s requirements.

People with gall or kidney stones should soak a bit of it for 8 to 10 hours. It can be mashed and consumed two times a day.  It helps in weight loss, helps you to get rid of worm infections, tones up the digestive system and prevents acidity and flatulence.

To relieve colds, you could soak a bit of horse gram, boil, filter and cool it. Grind it into a semi-solid paste. Add pepper to it and drink it to get rid of  cold, sore throat and cough.

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