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How to disinfect your home against COVID-19

How to disinfect your home against COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, it is better to disinfect your home. Disinfecting your home is different from normal cleaning you do.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, tables, handles, desks, phones, toilets, sinks etc.

You may use bleach, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide etc. for disinfection of your home. Never mix household chemicals as they can generate poisonous gases.

Use one chemical at a day and another chemical on the next day.

Here are some steps to disinfect your home against COVID-19:

  • Start your cleaning from cleaner areas to dirtier areas. Wear tight disposable gloves while cleaning and throw them in a closed bin after use. Use long gloves when cleaning toilets. Wash your hands properly after cleaning.
  • Clean all surfaces like door handles, tables, keyboards etc. that are frequently used.
  • If you want to use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your home, then use 70% alcohol and 30% of water. It is very effective against coronavirus. The solution should be left on surfaces for at least 30 seconds before wiping down.
  • If you are using bleach, then there is no need to use pure bleach. Mix a quarter cup of bleach per one gallon of cold water. Apply the solution on all surfaces and wait for 10 minutes to wipe down. But, make sure that they won’t get damaged by bleach.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to disinfect your home. You can use the concentrations of 3%. You can either use it as is or dilute to 0.5%. The solution should be left on surfaces for 30 seconds before wiping.
  • Wash your towels and other textiles like beddings at 60–90 degrees temperature. Or use a disinfectant laundry detergent to get rid of all microbes from them.

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