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Bad workout habits that are hurting you

Bad workout habits that are hurting you

Many people make it their goal to lose weight over the year. However, many people end up failing at this goal, finishing the year right back where they started. Yet this is not always caused by mere slacking, since sometimes bad workout habits can hinder one’s bodily health as well.

Therefore, these are some bad workout habits that must be known and avoided.

Although it may seem tempting to take a hot shower after working out, instead, take a cold bath. Cold water can reduce any delayed-onset muscle soreness, and it also helps speed up recovery from grueling exercises.

A cold bath also helps immunity to diseases and trauma, and it speeds up the conversion of white fat to brown fat.

Most people live sedentary lives nowadays, and only get the opportunity to work out once in a while. However, it is best to warm up for about 5-minutes before working out, instead of using that time to stretch.

This helps get the blood pumping before the workout, and therefore, reduces the risk of injury during the workout.

Be sure to use different routines from time to time. Doing the same routine from day to day will make the body hit a plateau, which will stop the body’s progress on losing weight and getting fit. Doing different routines every so often will prevent these plateaus from occurring.

Stretching muscles after a workout counters the microtrauma inflicted on them, but most people only do it for about 10 seconds. In order to actually benefit from stretching, do it for 30 seconds or 1 minute, which will help the blood flow through these areas.

Many people only engage in cardio exercises, without engaging in any weightlifting exercises.

However, weightlifting is essential for losing weight. Weightlifting grows the muscles in the body, which helps boost metabolism and fat burning.

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