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Things to do before retirement

Things to do before retirement

Entering the retirement phase is one thing we all must do. However, before you do, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure a healthy financial life after retirement. It is a good plan to concentrate on portfolio, insurance and other financial products before you retire. Here are some financial tips for retirement.

Clear debts

Before you enter retirement, make sure you have cleared your debts. It is not wise to have debts in this phase as it can put too much pressure.


As your age increases, the term and life insurance premium increases too. Therefore, make sure you buy long term insurance plans considering your age. Review your already existing insurance plans.

Home repairs

Retirement should be a time of peace. Make sure you clear out any repairs your house could need. Set aside budget to make you have money for future repairs.

Make a budget

Create a proper budget for after retirement. Set aside money based on expenses. Keep some extra cash available for emergencies.

College expenses

If you have children who are still in college or are planning to attend higher education. You can set aside a separate account and start saving money from now. Add and maintain funds in this account.

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