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New rules for malls and hotels

New rules for malls and hotels

Malls, restaurants, and hotels are going be opened from Monday as the lockdown rules have been eased for them.

Hence, the Union Home Ministry issued new guidelines. Temperature screening is a must at entrances.

Visitors should have to wear face masks or covers at all times inside.

Here are specific guidelines for shopping malls:

  • Malls should have hand hygiene facilities like sanitizer dispensers.
  • All guidelines and safety measures related to COVID-19 should be displayed prominently.
  • Malls should allow only asymptomatic visitors.
  • They should ensure social distancing norms. Specific markings shall be made.
  • High-risk category employees like pregnant women, older employees, and employees with other medical conditions should take extra precautions. These employees should not be assigned to a work that has direct contact with the public.
  • The crowd should be properly managed in the premises as well as parking lots.
  • For valet parking, proper disinfection methods should be followed for door handles, keys, steering etc.
  • Separate entry and exit are preferred for visitors, workers and goods suppliers.
  • While allowing home delivery, the delivery boys shall be screened thermally.
  • Proper disinfection methods should be used while handling supplies, inventories and goods.
  • The number of people in the elevators will have to be restricted. Visitors are to be encouraged to use escalators with one person on alternate steps.

Guidelines for hotels:

  • All staff should wear face covers or masks when they are inside the hotel. They should also wear gloves.
  • Details of guests like medical conditions, travel history etc. along with ID and self-declaration shall be taken at the reception.
  • Luggage should be disinfected before sending to rooms.
  • Hotels should use contactless processes like online form fillings and digital payments like e-wallet for check-in and check-out.
  • High-risk category guests should take extra precautions.
  • All other guidelines are the same.

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