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How to get cheaper flight tickets

How to get cheaper flight tickets

Normally flight tickets are expensive. The cost of the tickets will be a burden if you want to go on a vacation trip.

Prior planning is one of the most useful tips to get cheaper flight tickets.

Here are certain tips to get flight tickets at a cheaper price:

  • Always use incognito mode to check the flight ticket prices. Normally websites or apps keep track of your search history and IP address. As a result, the flight price would be inflated if you search for it again on the same day.
  • Advance booking is the most commonly known tip to get cheaper prices. However, 6 to 4 weeks before your journey is sufficient in the off-season. If your journey is in the holidays or weekends, it is better to book your tickets 3 months before your journey.
  • Sometimes, airlines announce discounts and offers to sell their tickets in bulk. Usually, at the beginning of a financial year, airlines offer tickets at discounted prices to generate working capital.
  • Some airlines also offer a promotional sale on a newly launched flight route. You can set a Google Alert to know about such deals.
  • If you have no tight schedules, try to avoid travel on weekends and other busy days. The flight tickets are generally cheaper very early in the morning or late at night.
  • Use websites like Skyscanner and Google Flights to compare prices for a certain period like a week or month. If you are not particular about journey time, you can also look out for flights with stops in between.
  • Avoid direct booking to regional airports as they are expensive due to limited frequency. For instance, if you want to travel Mumbai to Jaipur, rather than opting for direct travel, choose an early morning flight to Delhi and travel in Shatabdi train to Jaipur to reduce the cost.
  • Compare flight prices on various websites. These websites are tied up with different banks or payment apps to offer discounts and cashback. Avail these offers using different bank cards.
  • Use the reward points that you have on your cards.

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