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Best child plans in India

Best child plans in India

When you become a parent it is important to start thinking about the future of your child. Health and education of a child are very vital. There are many child plans in India that can secure the future of your child. Here are some.

SBI Life – Smart Scholar

This is a non-participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan. The scheme secures your child’s future by participating in the financial markets and also coupled with insurance. In case of loss of parent:

The base sum is assured

Accident Benefit which includes Accidental Death benefit and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability (Accidental TPD) is provided.

The plan gives enhanced investment opportunity through 7 varied fund options.

It gives benefit of both market linked return & insurance benefit.

HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium

This is also a unit linked insurance plan to support the child education, marriage, house or car. The plan accumulates savings for the future of your child even in your absence. It has four different funds.

Income Fund: Higher potential returns due to higher duration and credit exposure.

Balanced Fund: Dynamic equity exposure to enhance the returns while the debt allocation reduces the volatility.

Blue chip Fund: Investments in large cap equities.

Opportunities Fund: Investments in mid-cap equities.

ICICI Pru SmartKid Regular Premium

It is an endowment regular premium, traditional plan with two options to receive guaranteed educational benefits, no matter what happens to you.

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