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How Your Job Can Help You Be More Joyful, Healthier Human

Be A More Joyful Healthier Human

Taxing commutes, long days slumped over a console, and meal breaks scarcely sufficiently long to push a sandwich down—let’s be honest: Even the most committed among us think that its difficult to remain solid in the workplace.

Also, ellness challenges that helps people to being more active, and are using the information provided at each screening to continue to evaluate fitness goals.

for those of us who go for work, there’s a large group of different difficulties, from discovering something beneficial to eat amid a 30-minute delay to dragging your stream slacked body out of bed at 6 AM to hit the lodging exercise center.

Rolling Out An Improvement

Lifestyle changes are important to better yourself. The programs, W

programs that encourage employees to stay healthy and fit, like weekly fitness classes and employee wellness challenges where staffers can participate.

Bringing Health To Your Workplace

The good news is, more and more companies are offering programs like P4P, in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of preventative healthcare and overall fitness. Both of those things mean healthier employees with lower out-of-pocket healthcare costs, and reduced benefits expenses for employers—a win all around, right?

Not sure if your company has a similar program? Ask around or speak to your HR department to see what resources might be available. And if there’s not a program yet, that’s OK too—there are plenty of other things you can do to inspire your co-workers (and yourself) to make wellness a bigger part of your workday. For example:

  • Join a league: Community organizations often offer leagues in a variety of sports for a small joining fee. Get a group together and play soccer or kickball once a week.
  • Set up a challenge: Smartphones can track just about anything, including your steps. Have your team track their steps for a week or a month, and offer a prize for the person with the most steps. Bonus: This will definitely encourage you to take a walk at lunchtime (and maybe bring along a colleague for some out of office bonding?) versus eating at your desk.
  • Offer classes: Many yoga studios or recreational centers offer community classes. If your office has the space, see if it’d be willing to host a class for employees before work. You could discover a new favorite activity—or simply how good a stretch feels after sitting all week.
  • Negotiate with your gym: If you travel frequently for work, consider joining a national gym with a rate that includes all locations. That way, no matter where you are, you can get in a sweat session.

Whether you get your whole team together, or its just you and a co-worker, being held accountable is a great motivator to keep up with your fitness goals.

Even if you don’t have access to regular screenings that judge your fitness, take stock of how you feel after a few weeks of your new wellness commitment. Often times, you’re your best judge.

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