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11-year-old girl saves 15 people from fire

11-year-old girl saves 15 people from fire

Fire accidents can be deadly and scary. One such fire incident happened in Crystal Towers in Mumbai.

The fire was occurred between the top floors of 12 and 16. The image of the massive smoke clouds from the building can scare anyone.

The evacuation process was hard for the people due to the height. The chances of getting suffocated in that fiery smoke looked inevitable to many people there.

However, where even most adults might not be able to do anything, a quick thinking 11-year-old came to the rescue.

The girl, Zen Gunratan Sadavarte is a resident of the 16th floor in that building. Her quick action was crucial in saving the lives of many.

The girl recounts that as soon as she saw smoke coming from the 12th floor, she immediately opened the windows and stepped out of her home.

Instead of running away, she made the decision to immediately knock on the doors of her neighbors.

She warned as many people as she can about the fire. Thanks to her school education, she learned well about the do’s and don’ts during a fire accident.

She quickly started giving tips to the rest of the people. She told about 15 of neighbors to cover their mouths with a wet cloth.

She was also quick to make a purifier with cotton and water and gave it to others.

These purifiers were important in helping people avoid suffocation from the engulfing smoke in building.

The fire in the towers was later labelled as a Grade-4 level fire which means it is of high intensity.

Unfortunately, four people have lost their lives during this fire accident. 16 others suffocated because of it and are currently in hospital.

However, the actions of the little girl must be applauded as it gave many people a head start in escaping the fire.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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