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IIT-Kharagpur student offered Rs 91

There is still a month to go. But already, IIT Kharagpur students are being flooded with pre-placement offers that show a 20 per cent

Internet.org Project launched by Facebook

Internet.org, the global internet project has been launched the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. This project is aimed towards the rural parts of India

India Internet Indication

Facebook is creating a $1 million fund to help developers create apps for farmers, migrants and women. It will be a contest to drive

Zuckerberg to log into India,

The Indian seems to be having rather an American-like dream, what with the visit to the US by Modi, and then a hat-trick of

Good Bye Orkut

Google Inc. wants to shut down its social networking service Orkut from September 30, 2014 onwards. Orkut is one of the earliest social-networking services