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Shadowing Woman’s picture in this world

God has given a woman the privilege and the ability to bring a new life to this world. Woman is the one who can show everlasting
love for her parents, kids, spouse & to her every near & dear ones.

Even if she is being assaulted, even if she doesn’t get respect in her family or in the world, still she is so soft at heart that she can forget all the bad within fraction of seconds.

She is the loveliest creation of God.

But besides all this, Does a woman get all the powers which should be given to her? Is she really secure in this world where demons are present in every nook and corner. Seriously girls are not even safe at their homes, with their parents ,their siblings.

Whom we should we blame??? Why all these rape cases, women assault cases, physical abuse, women beaten for dowry , women being attacked by strangers are happening and their number is increasing day by day??? Whyy??

Does anybody have answers for these? Who is responsible for all these curses on women??

Should a woman cover herself properly because we cannot trust men that they would not even look, touch or worse.

The solution can only be men behaving better.. That’s it..

Stop crimes on Women.

Respect woman !!!

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  1. Avatar Sakshi says:

    awsm article .It should be prmoted

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