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MOM shoots Mars

MOM shoots Mars

MOM is the mother of all missions. It will help you to see what India’s Mars Orbiter can-the first images of the Red Planet, using the onboard Mars Colour Camera.

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) from the the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) showed its first few images of the Red Planet with its  Colour Camera pretty quickly.  ISRO called it the `First Light”. From a height of 7,300 kilometers, with 376 meter spatial resolution, the first few photographs have been shot. One comment that went with it was pleasant, as it said: the “view is nice up here”.

All the images are in three colours, and will be important to give the reference to scientific details. The image is red, as the Martian soil is iron-rich. The million-year-old craters have some heads of old volcanoes. There is also a dark patch through which light has not gone through. These are streaks that could be ‘dust devils’ or sand storms.

MOM has made its effect felt in the country. On Wednesday, some fun tweets exchanged a few howdys and jokes. The Twitter handle of ISRO’s MOM has over 83,000 followers despite just a few tweets. Its profile description is attractive: “India’s first mission to Mars. Orbiting the Red Planet since Sep 24, 2014. Explorer. Loves science, photography and long cruises.”

Image by Bronisław Dróżka from Pixabay (Free for Commercial Use)

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