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India and Germany enter into MoU in Civil Aviation Sector

India and Germany enter into MoU in Civil Aviation Sector

In order to address key issues in Civil Aviation sector and improve the safety in this field, India and Germany entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The Union Cabinet meeting approved this MoU yesterday. Several other key decisions were also taken by the Cabinet.

The Union cabinet also approved an MoU between India and Singapore to improve the cooperation in urban planning and development.

The MoU was made in the form of Joint Declaration which states that its key focus is on civil aviation relations between India and Germany.

It is likely to improve trade, tourism, investment and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The main objective is to encourage and smooth mutual cooperation by sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience.

The MoU mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • Ari traffic management and aviation safety
  • Regulation and policies
  • Business aviation development
  • Helicopters emergency medical services
  • Training and skill development
  • Environment

Each of the above describes the collaboration between both the countries for a safe and secure aviation.

Both countries share information and best practices with respect to aviation safety activities. Air traffic management is done using colloquiums, seminars and other suitable ideas.

Constant relationship is maintained at ICAO by focusing on key issues.

Information is shared on facilities related to both business and non-business activities.

Information on using the best practices on heliports and helicopter emergency medical services is also shared.

Possible exploration is done for the collaboration between countries in both technical and non-technical aspects. This is mainly related to aviation safety.

Special focus is given on providing sustainable and environment-friendly aerodrome development.

Establishing partnership to manage climate change and thus address the issue of Greenhouse gases and their emissions related to aviation at domestic as well as international levels.

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