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IT advisory warns taxpayers to protect data

IT advisory warns taxpayers to protect data

Online frauds are progressing as the latest technology is improving. Many taxpayers are interested in filing their income tax returns online since it is simple and saves time. They use internet for their e-filing returns. This is attracting fraudsters who attempt to prey users. It is really a challenge to combat these phishing and other online fraud attacks. Several taxpayers are falling prey to these attacks by sharing their vital information with the fraudsters as they seem like messages from the IT department. To create awareness among the users and taxpayers, IT department issued an advisory and they believe it will certainly help the users to protect their financial and personal data.

The Income Tax Department advised taxpayers not to share personal financial data over phone or email. This is due to hackers and fraudsters seeking opportunities for making phishing attempts since the income tax filing season has finished. The fraudsters also make fake promises regarding the pending income tax refunds.

In this context, the advisory of income tax requested the users not to provide any vital data such as OTPs, bank account details, passwords etc. to the fake emails sent by the fraudsters in the name of income tax departments. The IT department stated that they never ask such key details from the users either by email or phone or any other way of communication. The advisory also requested the taxpayers to register a complaint if they receive any false or fraud message over phone or email.

Rather than responding to such communication, users can lodge a complaint on the fraudsters for the fake messages to protect their personal data and identity theft. The users who receive such false messages can lodge complaint by forwarding the fake email they receive according to the procedure. They should follow the details on the website complaint box.

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