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3 Ways to Beautify Your Gorgeous Lakehouse

3 Ways to Beautify Your Gorgeous Lakehouse

Owning a gorgeous lakehouse is reason enough to puff out your chest in pride. But what if you can make it even more pleasing to the eyes? What if you could do that and increase the property value by a lot? That’s what today’s topic is all about.

You could add a dock, for example, which can have quite a few uses. Imagine how a floating platform for jet ski storage would add to the property’s aesthetics. Or what about a unique picnic/grilling area? A beautiful wooden swing bench would be an excellent option, as well!

Floating Wonders

When bringing up floating docks, people tend to assume that they’re all about boats. This isn’t wrong, but it also reflects a narrow point of view. To be precise, floating docks are modular plastic parts that can be combined to create any form.

Boat docks are only one of them. They can also be floating platforms, construction materials, storage assets, or even a tool for transport.

Since the subject is about beautifying your already gorgeous lakehouse, you can think of floating docks as building supplies that you can use over water.

Want a floating garden? Done! Would you like to create a gazebo on the water? That’s more than possible. Another suggestion would be to make a bridge that connects distant lakeshores.

The possibilities are practically limitless! All you really need is your imagination.

What’s more, you can customize and decorate plastic floating docks to your heart’s content. Posts, roofs, colorful lights, or whatever else you have in mind are all on the table. It’s time to let that inner artist out!

Heck, if you happen to have a boat, you can build a rooftop patio on the dock. It will house the vessel and let you sip coffee on the second floor.

Outdoor Feast for the Eyes

Speaking of creative ideas, landscaping is a tried and true option for beautifying anything. With that said, you can always take it up a notch.

What do you usually expect to do at a lake house? You enjoy nature, do outdoor cooking, and eat around campfires or picnic tables, right? You can combine all of that to get one big bundle of lakehouse fun bonanza!

First up, take your pick of flowers, shrubs, or succulents. Then, you choose the grilling area where you can build a gazebo. After that, throw in some exquisite tables and chairs to complete the scene.

This landscaping project suits your lakefront property and fulfills multiple purposes in one go. You can enjoy great conversations, good food, and scenery to die for.

As is the case with the plastic floating dock suggestion, you can pour all of your creativity into this project. You could come up with the plants that you will use and have a landscaper do the work. The same goes for the materials and the furniture involved.

There are plenty of examples online that you can check out if you need a little inspiration. This is not exactly a new concept. Plenty of other lakehouse owners have already gone with it. Some of the best are simply breathtaking.

The best part about this idea is that it’s instantly appreciated by you and anyone you bring with you. The satisfaction is immediate and the impact is easily seen.

Decorative Artsy Swing

Then there is the swing, which is a staple in many idyllic scenes of peace and tranquility. If you have the opportunity to get or build one of these, you certainly should. But why stop at only the basic type?

There are plenty of options with regard to swings such as:

  • Teardrop swing
  • Swing bench
  • Wooden swing
  • Tire swing
  • Metal arch swing

Of those, the best one if the concern is beautification would be the swing bench. Yes, a tire swing would typically be the obvious choice for a property near the lake. But this doesn’t fit today’s discussion, does it?

No, what you want is a swing that oozes exquisite grace and beauty. And if you will place it outdoors, a swing bench gives you a lot more options.

Everything from the design to the materials, to the themes, and the landscaping are yours to tinker with. You can have a fantasy design aesthetics, for example. This is where the swing bench is surrounded by flowers, shrubbery, and vines.

The swing bench itself can be made of special, high-quality materials. And the design will be flowing, with plenty of curves and perhaps some gorgeous carvings.

That’s only one suggestion, though. You can even have it made out of driftwood and go the extreme spartan route. The choice is yours.


Beautifying lakefront properties is an exercise of artistic expression and adding your unique identity to the place. It’s how you make it yours. Why not go the extra mile and really polish it to a mirror shine while you’re at it?

If you’re going to spend a lot of time there, you might as well surround yourself with gorgeous sights and landscapes. Let them heal your tired mind and spirit.

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