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Make a short film and win $10,000

Make a short film and win $10,000

During the lockdown, several Indians started YouTube channels to make money by uploading videos of their interests. Now, several of them have many subscribers. They are making decent money through their channels. Most of them even became celebrities.

Some of them made successful short films, while others directed on various OTT platforms. Now, Netflix India has given filmmakers a great opportunity. It announced a short film contest for filmmakers and announced a grant of $10,000 for selected short films.

Netflix’s Take Ten short film contest is a good opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents.

Take Ten is a short film workshop and competition sponsored by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity. As part of this program, Netflix allocated $100 million per year over five years to create opportunities for storytellers of the next generation.

Netflix says that Take Ten aims to form a more inclusive creative industry. At the same time, it also wants to provide talented storytellers with a platform to share their stories and perspectives with the world.

Registrations for the contest will be open on February 7, 2022. Any Indian citizen aged above 18 years can register for the contest on the website of Netflix’s Take Ten.

Applicants need to submit a short film of up to two minutes to participate in the contest. The topic is My India. They should shoot a short film on their mobile phones on the given topic and submit it.

These applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be shown on the YouTube channel of Netflix India.

Among them, the top 10 videos will be chosen. The video makers or short filmmakers will be given an opportunity to attend the workshop to make a full-fledged short film with a grant of $10,000.

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