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Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2017

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2017

Are you interested in doing innovative projects? Are you seeking a wide recognition for your creativity and innovation? Then send your project proposal to GYTI to get an award in addition to a grand recognition.

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) awards are given for innovation and creativity by SRISTI each year in Rashtrapati Bhawan. They are given to students as a recognition of their outstanding projects. These awards are presented every year during the Festival of Innovation (FOIN) in the month of March. The tentative date for the next awards in the coming year is March 5, 2017 at FOIN.

If you have any innovative ideas and need help to kick start them or gain recognition, you can also submit you project. The Last Date of Submission for this is November 30, 2016. Read on to know more about the award.

The awards were started with the aim of encouraging young innovators to do great research in solving social needs. GYTI awards are given in certain categories. You can apply based on your project.

The categories of the GYTI awards are:

If you are interested in making a project which is economic, affordable, and sustainable, then your project is eligible for MLM (More from less for many), Frugal Innovation award .

The projects address social needs or improve an existing solution for a social problem will be given SRISTI socially relevant technological innovation award. This award is given for solutions which are as affordable as possible.

Those who innovate and explore new technology in various fields are given Technological-edge award.

If you innovated in biotechnological/medical/healthcare field you are eligible for BIRAC-SRISTI award. Another award given is the Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr. Amulya K.N. Reddy GYTI Award.

These awards offer a very nice cash prize for winners. BIRAC-SRISTI GYTI Award winners will get ₹15, 00,000 grants to develop their research further. It is given for each 15 awardees in medical and biotech fields.

BIRAC-SRISTI GYTI Appreciation Award winners get ₹ 1, 00,000. The money is given to 100 student innovations or ideas. Hari om Ashram prerit, Dr. Amulaya K. N. Reddy GYTI Award gives ₹ 50,000 to Five GYTI awardees.

Students can submit projects here.

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