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Smart Tricks To Get Hired In An Overcrowded Job Market

Smart Tricks To Get Hired In An Overcrowded Job Market

There are so many people in every field who are looking for job.

A high competition in every field, so many deserving candidates but who will get this opportunity to take the position.

May be some candidates are stronger than you, more deserving but that doesn’t mean you will not get opportunity there.

Here are few tips which will help you to get the opportunity even in an overcrowded job market.

1. Build a network and then learn how to leverage it: 

It is not about how many people you are connected but is about relevance to your role and job that you are looking for. It is also about how much you have harvested it.

It certainly is not something that happens to you when you attend a conference and exchange visiting cards. Leveraging your network is an art; master it.

2. Be visible:

How can one create a visibility which is subtle yet not over the top. It is advised not to be your own mouthpiece. However own up the responsibility of being visible for “something“.

It can be about a publication or attending a conference. It can also be about reaching out to a mentor for advice. Check around in your circles who is visible and perhaps a take leaf out of their book.

3. Be authentic about failures and weaknesses: 

Do not describe your weaknesses sounds like your strength. May be here you will try to be smart but the person who is in front of you already taken so many interviews  and he can easily judge you on this point.  Be honest about yourself.

4. Don’t underestimate technical excellence:

I just think even for leadership role we need more and more people to be excellent in their domain. What might help is to think of two examples that demonstrate that.

Whether it is engineering graduate, project manager or marketing professional – technical depth and demonstration of it always helps.

5. Predict questions that will be asked:

Be ready for the basic questions an interviewer can ask. You can read our old article for the interview questions. This will help you to get prepare for any interview. Also get ready for some technical questions.

It is all about putting these common sense tricks into practice. As you walk down this path you will also realize that it is less of luck and more of a process.

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