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Wonderful musical pillars in Indian

Vijaya Vittala Temple in Hampi is renowned for its architecture. The notable thing about the temple is it has seven musical pillars which support

Most Popular Ganapati temples in

Sassive Kalu and Kadale Kalu Ganesha temple in Hampi has two distinctive Ganesha idols. They are believed to be the largest Ganesha statues in

Most Striking Lord Krishna Temples

Balkrishna temple in Hampi, Karnataka is another famous people. It is the temple of Lord Krishna in the infant form. The temple has unique

Best Places to visit in

Hampi’s average temperature is 28°C. It has several tourist attractions like Virupaksha Temple, Hazara Rama Temple, King's Balance, Zanana Enclosure, Lotus Mahal etc.

Visit Hampi before it’s too

Located in North Karnataka, Hampi has a lot of heritage and beautiful places to see. It is even officially declared as a heritage site