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Wish fulfilling temples in India

Konark Sun temple in Odisha is dedicated to Sun God. The temple is famous for architecture as well as wish-fulfilling.

Most Popular Ganapati temples in

Karpaga Vinayagar temple in Pillaiyarpatti is one of the oldest Ganapati temples in India. The six-foot stone carved idol of Lord Ganesha, the architecture

Most Striking Lord Krishna Temples

Balkrishna temple in Hampi, Karnataka is another famous people. It is the temple of Lord Krishna in the infant form. The temple has unique

Most Striking Lord Krishna Temples

Dwarakadhish temple in Gujarat was built in Chalukya style. The temple’s architecture is carved with panels of elephants, celestial beings, musicians etc.

Temples of Arsikere

Ishwara temple is situated 140 km from Mysore. It is one of the remarkable examples of Hoysala dynasty’s architecture.