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Man forgets to pay tax

Mahesh Shah, a businessman from Ahmedabad wanted to come clean about his black money. He declared his ₹13,000 crore unaccounted money. Due to the

Man who delivers free food

Hemant Patel distributes all of this food at the hospital to the poor relatives of patients without taking any money.

Unique Museums in India

Museum of textiles is in Ahmedabad. It is managed by Sarabhai Foundation. It has many varieties of fabrics, handicraft textiles etc.

Unique Museums in India

Kite museum is located in Ahmedabad. It displays the collection of numerous colourful kites.

Solar powered aircraft makes landing

The Solar Impulse (Si2) craft, battery-powered entirely by the sun, landed in Varanasi on Wednesday evening. Taking off at 7.18 am from Ahmedabad’s Sardar