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The Exquisite art-work at Jagan Mohan Palace, Mysore

raja ravi verma

Unlike, its other competitor, the grand & majestic Mysore Palace, the beautiful Jagan Mohan Palace is not known to many. Built by his highness Krishnaraj Wodeyar III in 1861 as an alternate retreat for the royal family, the palace houses an exceptional Art gallery containing one of the largest collections of paintings (>2000) and artefacts of South India. Much of the exquisite work by the famous Raja Ravi Verma of Travancore , resides here restored in all its glory. The long corridors, the grand hall are encompassed with life-size scenes from the Ramayana & Mahabharata. Vivid, spectacular and breathtaking masterpieces seem as if the events took place just a while ago. Portraits of Maharajas in their princely attire & Nizam jewels seem so real, they inevitably invite a touch! Jagan Mohan palace spells grandeur, a must experience…

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