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Splash 2014 Wayanad Monsoon Carnival

Kerala’s one of the most anticipated event of the year SPLASH 2014 is set to splash some real fun in its 6th edition from July 11-14th . It is held to highlight the various attractions and activities of the Wayanad District – a beautiful hill station, sprawling with the invigorating smell of lush tea trees & coffee plantations, that are exported.
One of the major highlights of the event is the Off-roading competition organized by The Jeep Club of Wayanad. Off-is driving a 4*4 vehicle on un-surfaced roads or tracks. It’s a  popular sport amongst the owners of Coffee/Tea planters of Karnataka & Kerala, give their skills in maneuvering vehicles on tough plantation terrains.
This I am writing, as I happened to experience some off-road driving in a recent trip to Wayanad. The driver was none other than the off-roading champion of SPLASH last year! It was inspirational to see the driver’s  zest for taking challenges and the rush he experienced at seeing even bigger challenges ahead. Lucky me!

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