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Dilli ki Khau Gali


One word that best describes Delhi or Dilli (to add to the chutpataz of the hustling bustling city) is its ‘khana’ – best served in its eat streets or the rustic old world khau gali’s.  Unparalleled and unfazed by the influx of oh-so happening restaurants, these gullies still stand tall and provide the much needed relief to Dilliwala’s taste buds. Who can ever forget the hot paranthas of Paranthe wali gali, the lip smacking syrup drippping jalebi’s, the chaat’s that generate gastronomical avalanches, knowingly finding their way amidst the daily humdrums of a big city! When Kabir wrote ‘kaun jaye ae zauk ab in dilli ki galiyon ko chod ke’ he probably was lurking around the khau gali….

Author: Rohini C.

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