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About Us

The Fusion section of WerIndia.com launched brings together and highlights several aspects and topics of “India-centric” content under the following categories and headings including:

Given India’s richness, geographic and population size, diversity, the fact that it is the oldest civilization as well as the cradle of civilization, and with rapid growth and technological advances taking place, we expect to add to these categories over time. Each category, hopefully self evident, would highlight an event, a point in time (history or today), an entity (person, organization or company) or information and/or advise that our users can benefit from.

Our vision at WerIndia.com is to become a comprehensive starting point and destination of India(n) and India-centric information – and not just news. As we had noted in the main page, we seek to project India, its strengths & weaknesses, its traditions, the evolving changes, amongst other things. As part of this, we hope to highlight both the known, the unknown and the not so well known.

We welcome all user supported content in English, Hindi or any Indian language, and will serve to highlight this as we evolve. This site welcomes site-moderators, freelances or user contributors. Thank you for your visiting out website and your interest.

Do you want to write for us or do you want us to publish your writing, art, picture, video, songs, or about a person, a place, item of food, book, tradition, history, about an event – good or not, a new or interesting website or blog, or product, then contact us via email at admin@werindia.com or werindia@yahoo.com

We welcome and appreciate all feedback and comments on any part of our website, and YOUR IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE.

You can contact us via email at admin@werindia.com or werindia@yahoo.com or through the site.



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