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A world of selfies or we can say Selfies Era…

Now a days self photography or selfies are very famous.

Even if people are getting late for their work, still they would stop for a minute and click a selfie and share it with their dear ones.

It has taken world to some new direction where we can speak a language of expressions just in few seconds..

Its famous specially in youth. It has swayed people from regular routines to an interest in photography.

There is a flood of selfies on Instagram because people are more keen and excited to edit their selfies and upload them for sharing with friends & family.

Brands are riding selfie wave to promote business , campaigning & to get user attraction whereas people are making it a social trend.

Selfies can prove to be a good marketing aid.

Thanks to Smartphones, which are actually acting as a good source of getting a selfie clicked.

So, are you ready for a Selfie???

4 Responses to A world of selfies or we can say Selfies Era…

  1. Avatar Jaspreet says:

    Yes I am ready too!! Where should I post my selfie? Please guide..

  2. Avatar Raman says:

    True and nice 1 .This is part of routine now 🙂

  3. Avatar Sakshi says:

    Yes,I am ready 🙂 .Nice article 🙂

  4. Avatar sumi says:

    Yes, ready for slfie:) Good article

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