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One of the 40 Indians abducted in Iraq by ISIS escapes: reports

New Delhi: In what may be a major breakthrough in knowing the fate of the 40 kidnapped Indians in Iraq, latest reports suggest that one out of the 40 Indians has escaped from the custody of the ISIS terrorists.

Reports also say that the escaped construction worker has made contact with Indian officials.
A report in national daily Hindustan Times says that the humanitarian organisation Red Crescent has sent an envoy to meet this Indian worker who has escaped. The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday hinted that it knows the location of the citizens. The Iraqi government has also confirmed the news of the kidnapping of the Indians.

The safety and return of rest of those abducted Indians is now top priority of the government. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met the families of the missing Indians and assured them that the government is doing its best. The Minister said that they were tracking the locations of those abducted.

The Minister also appealed to Indians in Iraq to stay indoors. Meanwhile, Special envoy from India Suresh Reddy has reached Baghdad to look into the matter. “Prakash Badal Ji and I are coordinating our efforts to bring back our people safely. We have promised the families that we will do all that we can to ensure a safe return,” Swaraj said.